My name is Brandon Peterson

I started Epoch Marketing Group because I saw a need. I’ve worked for a lot of sales groups that were dishonest. They would give their customers the runaround or push for a quick sale, even if it wasn’t good for the customer. I didn’t like that. Also, that kind of behavior doesn’t help you get ahead.

Over the years, I’ve always been a top performer in sales, usually beating my quotas. The more my colleagues saw this, the more they’d come to me to get training on how they could become a better sales person. Through this, I found a new calling. I find a deep joy in helping others become better sales people. This is because…

I don’t believe you should have to be dishonest to be successful.

For me, the heart of sales is helping our customers find something that will make their life better. If their life isn’t better when they leave us, then we haven’t done our job. This philosophy has paid off.

In 2016, Epoch received the AT&T award for being the Top Performer in the Gulf states region. The same year, AT&T recognized Epoch at their national Revolution conference. And by this year’s end—we will have had over 7,000 happy clean installed AT&T customers, far exceeding our AT&T quotas. If you’re like me, you’re looking for something that works and allows you to feel good about yourself. You’re looking for Epoch.

So who are we looking for? If you are a hard worker, have a strong moral compass, and exhibit a student mentality, then I can guarantee you will not only fit in with us...

You’ll thrive.

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